Music in Dreams Scores

In this page,  you will find the partial listings of excerpts of music scores from the Music In Dreams Library.

Music Reading1R

Music in Dreams are musical encounters that occurred during sleep. In the words of Eliasar A. Simon, M.D.  “During my formative years, music in dreams have been part of my sleep, not frequently but once in a while when you are less expecting it. I have no formal education in music–in fact, I am a physician, and I have no proficiency in playing any musical instruments except that through the years, I have been tinkering with the piano keyboard hooked up to my computer, hoping that these musical encounters would manifest physically–able to hear these musical encounters on sound equipments, i.e. computer speaker, etc.”


Lately, Eliasar discovered Sibelius software, and to make the story short, the limited collections of music in dreams can be heard and seen in print. Before that, he used to dictate or record his encounters on a cassette recorder or grab a transcriber so he can remember what he had heard during his dreaming encounters.


For the meantime, please go to ScoreExchange and enjoy the music.